Autism, ADHD and Anxiety

I was reading this link about ADHD and anxiety here and felt that much of this also applied to many people with a diagnosis of autism.  I can fully understand the ‘messing up without knowing why’ because the world can be such a confusing place to be a part of when you have autism.  The rules are constantly changing and sometimes are not rules at all.  Opinions change like the wind and what may have been OK yesterday is not OK today.  It can lead to feelings of failure and isolation as it can prevent you from taking those risks again.

Counselling can really help with this as it can help rebuild and restore your sense of self and self esteem, help you understand that it is OK to be you and that others peoples thoughts feeling and opinions do not have to impact you.

We can look at why someone has reacted to you in a certain way and explore what the outcome was for you and learn different ways to respond, if that is what is needed or how to be able to accept that we cannot control how people will respond and learn to be OK with that to.

There are seldom many wrongs or rights when it comes to peoples personal opinions on things but there are morals and guidelines and learning to understand yourself and your own thoughts feeling and opinions is often a good place to start.