Autism (Incl High Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome and PDA)

Autism is unique to each and every person who has the condition, it will affect everybody differently. Although I have lot’s of experience and understanding about autism, I also know there is still lots to learn about about how the condition affects you personally.  Together with our combined knowledge and skill set we can explore your day to day experiences of how your autism impacts on your life and we can work together to understand what you need to live a confident, happy and successful life.

Autism and Puberty can bring with it many more challenges and you may find yourself needing additional support to help you and your family through this time, especially if you have or believe you (or a loved one) may have autism.  Often it is  a time of developing self awareness and a time to notice differences about yourself. This can be difficult, especially if the last thing you want is to be different. We can explore these difficulties using a range of tools, visual and media and learn about different emotions and work together to understand how this  impacts you and help you to learn strategies to support yourself once counselling is finished.