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Thank you for visiting my site. You’ve made the first courageous step in looking after you. Self care is so important and much of what we do relies on us being both physically and emotionally healthy. Talking to someone about the aspects of your life that are difficult or stressful at present can really help and get you started on your journey to take back control of how you feel about your life. What you would like to explore or talk about is firmly in your hands. I will work with you and take the time you need to build a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship with you.

To help you decide if you would like me to join you on that journey I have written a little bit about myself here.

My name is Angela Kelly and I am based in Surrey although I see clients from a much wider area, often as a result of my specialism of supporting and working with autistic people and their families.  I am both parent of autistic/PDA young men and I also study autism academically from a psychotherapeutic perspective.

You can contact me by telephone on 07557 520017

By email at Angela@emotionscounsellingandpsychotherapy.com

I am an experienced counsellor for children, youths and adults. I currently provide counselling and anxiety support for children, adults and families. I also work with  Positive Autism Support and Training, Healthy Happy Me!  I am the registered counsellor for The Curly Hair Project (a social enterprise that provides support for autistic people) and I have worked at a busy GP practice.

I have extensive knowledge of autism and anxiety and how it can affect the whole dynamics of family life.

I am qualified integrative counsellor which means I can use more than one theoretical approach to help and support you. I am happy to support anyone from the age of 10 on a one to one basis.

I write about all aspects of SEN and mental wellbeing for websites Special Needs Jungle and Bringing us Together and I have a keen interest in Special Educational Needs and Autism although I can work with any presenting difficulties including:

Abuse, Anxiety, Relationship problems, Feelings of isolation and loneliness, Depression, Bullying, Caring for others and being cared for, Parent carers, Disability and Special Needs, Learning difficulties, Bereavement and other types of loss, Low Mood, Stress, anxiety and panic attacks, Trauma,  Work issues and redundancy, Understanding and resolving anger, Self esteem and confidence.

I am also an experienced advocate, helping and supporting families where there they have a child with additional needs. It is well documented that raising a child with special needs can be demanding on relationships and home life and I can help support you find balance in what might be a busy and anxious time. For more information or help in your area affinity hub may be able to help you more locally

I can provide support at point of diagnosis and at any point during the journey of raising a child with special needs. Siblings may find that they need some additional support especially as they are reaching adolescence and I am happy to offer a confidential environment to them too to talk about how they feel and to listen to them.

I am a BACP registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist, (www.bacp.co.uk) I am committed to providing counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, confidential and non judgmental environment working in accordance with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s ethical framework for good practice for counsellors and psychotherapists. For more information about the BACP ethical framework just click here .

I can work with you on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live life how you want to.

It may be that you don’t know what you want or need right now, I can offer you a space to just reflect and think things through at a pace that suits you.

Thank you for visiting my site


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