Coronavirus – Information and Support for NHS staff

A message to NHS staff and frontline key workers

My name is Angela and I am a BACP-registered counsellor/psychotherapist based in Surrey.

Thank you each and everyone for you courage and bravery on a daily basis. Thank you for keeping our country going, Thank you for everything you are doing!

At this time of national crisis I wanted to tell you that there are people out there who are there for you. I have the utmost respect for those who are going into work every day. I started my counselling career in the NHS and couldn’t have been prouder of representing them in a therapeutic role.

I know many of my colleagues will also be willing to offer a therapeutic listening call free  of charge to key workers.

I see what is happening every day on TV and have family members who are working in the NHS every day who tell me what it is like and I want to give something back.

Whilst there is much focus on ‘after this is over’ I want to ensure I can offer something now. It won’t be ‘full-on’ counselling but I can offer a listening call to help you process when things are traumatic or overwhelming. Sharing things like this with family and friends is often not an option for fear of overburdening them, that’s where a therapeutic listening call may make a difference.

I can offer this confidential call free of charge, and although I am just one person, I do have colleagues who will also be keen to offer a similar service, so if I cannot help I will know someone who can.

It’s an opportunity for you to talk things through, offload, rant…whatever you need at this time.

To get in touch email me